Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is vital to all body tissues and especially to sensitive nerve tissue.  This therapy involves breathing pure oxygen under increased air pressure, so enriching the oxygen content of the blood.  Hyperbaric Oxygen can reduce swelling (oedema) in inflamed tissue and deliver more oxygen to nerves which are damaged by MS.

It is not available under the NHS in Gloucestershire and no other Centre in the county has a hyperbaric chamber.  It is not a cure for MS – there is no known cure, but it has helped many of our members.

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Safety is our watchword:
All the volunteer operators of our chamber receive intensive training and work in pairs to ensure maximum safety at all times.

It is safe – over 1.5 million hours of MS treatment have been undertaken in the UK without incident since it began in the early 1980’s.  We operate under the guidance of medical consultants.

We will always check with your GP and with our medical consultants, that the treatment will be suitable for you.  It will be completely safe and will have no harmful effects.

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