What is MS?

Much about MS remains a mystery even though it is the most common disease of the central nervous system, with varying degrees of severity. Its path is unpredictable. No-one knows why people get MS and every case is different. Certainly, people react differently to its diagnosis. We understand these feelings and problems and would like to share our experiences.


People react in different ways. Some people feel shattered. Some still don’t believe it. Others are desperately determined to fight. Some are just bewildered. However you feel, contact The Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre now. Here you will find all the information, the advice, and the practical help you need. We know. We’ve all tried as individuals. Together we now have the resources to get what we need. If you have had MS for some time and haven’t contacted us, why not do it now? At the Centre we put all the services and the help you need together.


The Centre is run by people with MS, for people with MS and other physical problems.

We believe in self-help. Often, when people call in, they learn a good deal about their condition simple by chatting and sharing experiences with others. There is a range of information available and if we’re not able to answer your questions, we will do our best to find out. We are in touch with all the Therapy Centres and research units in the UK. There are therapies available which might help: it is up to YOU to decide.

High Dosage Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is vital to all body tissues and especially to sensitive nerve tissue. This therapy involves breathing pure oxygen under increased air pressure, so enriching the oxygen content of the blood. High Dosage Oxygen can reduce swelling (oedema) in inflamed tissue, and deliver more oxygen to nerves which are damaged by MS. it is not available under the NHS in Gloucestershire. High Dosage Oxygen Therapy is not a cure for MS – there is no known cure – but it has helped many of our members. For further information on Oxygen Therapy visit our website www.gloso2therapy.org.uk


This is a technique from traditional Chinese medicine. It helps the flow of energy through the body and clears blockages. The reflexologist works on your feet, where specific points correspond to specific areas of the body.


Massage improves the tone of muscles and helps circulation. Our therapist will give you a full remedial massage to aid recovery of limbs that do not work properly. She will also use aromatherapy oils chosen specifically for you.


Exercise and stimulation can help you maintain mobility. Our physiotherapist will work with you to develop a personal programme for you.

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