The Gloucestershire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre was set up in 1985, by a group of local people with MS who wanted to get together, to improve the therapy options available in their area, and have access to High Dosage Oxygen Therapy. Since then, the Centre has flourished. Run largely by volunteers with or without MS, it has developed to offer support to people with MS, enabling them to help themselves to the best possible quality of life. Friendly, cheerful and welcoming, it is open to anyone.

This is a self-help centre, with no NHS or Government support. We rely on constant fund-raising, grants and donations to be able to continue with what we do.

Much about MS remains a mystery, though it is the most common disease of the central nervous system (CNS) with varying degrees of severity. Its path is unpredictable. No one knows why people get MS and every case is different. Certainly people react very differently to its diagnosis. We understand these feelings and problems and would like to share our experiences.

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